authors are listed in alphabetical order, which is the norm in theoretical computer science and mathematics.


  1. sir-epidemic-spread.gif
    Epidemic Spread on Networks with Community Structure
    Christian BorgsKarissa Huang, and Christian Ikeokwu
    In Preparation, 2023


        1. EAAMO
          Disincentivizing Filter Bubbles in Social Networks
          Christian BorgsJennifer ChayesChristian Ikeokwu, and Ellen Vitercik
          In ACM Conference on Equity and Access in Algorithms, Mechanisms, and Optimization, 2023
        1. AAAI
          An Algorithmic Introduction to Savings Circles
          Rediet AbebeAdam EckChristian Ikeokwu, and Samuel Taggart
          In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2022


                1. oberlin-logo.png
                  The Mathematics of Mutual Aid: Robust Welfare Guarantees for Decentralized Financial Organizations
                  Christian Ikeokwu
                  Oberlin College Computer Science Honors Program, 2021